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You work hard and give everything you have to your job and family ?

You have little time to relax and sometimes you even have trouble fall asleep ?

Galaxium is the best gift for you and your loved ones.





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Manufacturer: GALAXIUM

Certification: CE

Is Batteries Required: No 

Shape: Round

Type: Atmosphere

Body Material: ABS 

Power Source: AC 

Voltage: 90-260V,220v,110v

Wattage: 0-5W

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Packing details 1pc star projector7pcs Projection film1pc USB Line,1pc Manual,1pc Pen


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Feedback on instant body relaxation

Recommended by 50+ recovery experts

GALAXIUM is the Best planetarium galaxy projector

Live your own experience with GLAXIUM

Galaxium is the perfect way to relax and fall asleep. It features a soothing light show that projects stars and galaxies onto your ceiling and walls. The projector is also adjustable, so you can customize your experience.

Inspired by the missions of the telescope james webb, the idea of Glaxium originated. See stars on your ceiling like you're in space.

Disconnect thoughts: Your brain gets re-focused and thoughts do get distracted from daily routine by the soothing light, stopping them from keeping you awake.

Studies have shown that the technique employed by GALAXIUM can help you to reduce the time you need to fall asleep by up to 40%.


Multiple Display Modes Optional & HD Galaxy Projector

Multiple Display Modes Optional: Support independent control of the Projector Lights (press the second button to turn on/off) and Insert Star Light Disk (press the third button to turn on/off/switch the light mode). Galaxium is silent, which helps create a soothing sleeping environment. The fourth button can turn on/off the star rotation and press 2 seconds for a timed shutdown (fixed for one hour).

HD Galaxy Projector: Twist the top screw ring to adjust the focal length for precise imaging to fit the projection distance. Support up to 3M projection distance and 40㎡ projection area. Perfect for decorating rooms. Proper rotation to remove the lamp cover, stars sprinkled around the room, bring the magic indoors starry light show.


Best planetarium galaxy projector
7 different films (Solar system, Moon System, Milk way..)
Better Sleep & Improved Mood
Children can operate it
Perfect for education
Main light focusing HD projection


1. Pull out film tray
2. Insert the film into the tray 
3. Insert the tray back to Galaxium

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